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St. Clair Residence

Eric Epifano of ECEGC Construction Company built our 2,660 sq. ft. two story house in Mission Hills. He completed a difficult job in one year. We are thrilled with his work. At a time when the construction industry was in turmoil, Eric remained optimistic, good natured, and always assured us “problems will be solved.” There were few problems. They were solved.

Our house required extensive new foundation work. We thought this was going to be the hardest part of the job. It turned out to be quick and easy. Why? Eric has built houses all over coastal San Diego, from Coronado to Pt Loma, Mission Hills, Mission Beach and La Jolla that demand carefully coordinated teamwork between builder, engineer, geologist, drilling company, steel fabricator and installer and concrete subcontractor.

Eric has worked with many of his key subcontractors for nearly a decade. And many of these subs have employed the same crew members for longer than that. The result is a job where everybody works together. No fingers get pointed. No tempers fray. The work moves forward. Eric and his subs always involved us in key decisions. They gave us options. We chose among alternatives. This lead to a final product that had the quality we wanted and executed the design we and our architect labored over.

Eric came through for us. His experience, positive attitude, and expert team of employees and subcontractors know how to build–on-time and in-budget.

Peter and Raydene St. Clair
2341Whitman Street
San Diego CA 92103